MINHS's History

The Boga Ram Das Gyan Jyoti Educational Foundation was established in the year 2022 with the objective of providing academic excellence to all sections of society. The trust focuses on imparting quality Education, Discipline integrated personality development, Research, Management skill, and Healing, to face global challenges.

Mirza Institute of Nursing & Health Science was started in the year 2022 under “The Boga Ram Das Gyan Jyoti Educational Foundation” offering both ANM(Auxiliary Nursing  Midwifery) and GNM(General Nursing Midwifery) courses. We are recognized by Indian Nursing Council(INC). Assam Nursing Council (ANC) and affiliated with the Shrimanta Sankardeva University of  Health Science and Assam State Diploma in Nursing Educational Board.

Over the past few years, the health care industry is changing and blooming, which in turn gives a wide range of opportunities to gratitude Nurses. We trained the student nurses for the individual families and community at a large volume.

Chairman's Message

“Health is the greatest wealth, let us make our beloved nation healthy, happy & educated. A strong foundation in life is none other than a good education and good health.

          Our aim is to provide and standard Nursing Educational Programme through which the ANM, GNM, and BSC Nurses will be prepared to assume responsibility in the primary secondary, and testing care of people, as professional nurses because we are conscious of the changing needs of socially, hence we shall emphases on impaling education and training to the students beyond the prescribed syllabus to make them good human beings & professionals

          I feel great pleasure in extending you on behalf of the Boga Ram Das Gyan Jyoti educational foundation a very warm welcome to the new aspirants seeking admission to this institute for structuring this cares in nursing with best wishes.”

With Best Wishes

Mr. Anil Das

Reflections from the Principal's Desk

“As the principal of Mirza Institute of Nursing and Health Science, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our college.

          The Nursing programmers focus on equipping and challenging the Knowledge, attitude, skills, and potentials of the students effectively and efficiently to provide quality health care. We strongly believe that the nursing students are responsible and accountable for quality nursing practice thus they need to be appropriately trained, oriented, and directly supervised. The highly qualified and motivated professionals provide skills and knowledge needed to the students to meet the challenges of today. We are providing outstanding facilities and helping the students to achieve great success. The curriculum is planned in a way that all the potential and hurt talents of the students are developed to make them full pledge individuals of the society. Basically, Nursing Education aims at creating a competent nurse with a “Head” and “hand”

       The College offers ANM Nursing. GNM Nurses and BSC Nursing. The institute pledged to strive based to become a center of excellence in nursing education.”

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Our mission is to create and sustain a community of learning in which students acquire knowledge and learn to apply it professionally with a concern for society.

Pursue and Disseminate research findings and offers knowledge-based Technological research to satisfy the needs of society and the industry.

Promote professional ethics Leadership Qualities and social responsibilities.


To set high standards in imparting knowledge in higher education and inculcating superior value systems among students for the nation’s development to comprehensively meet the global competencies and challenges with a quest for excellence ably guided by technology.


MINHS believes that Nursing is care, service education, healing, and as well as administration. Nursing is the backbone of the health care system. We believe in empowering nursing to achieve higher standards of healthcare through education and practice with enhanced knowledge, attitude, and skill.

We respect basic human values irrespective of color, caste, creed, and religion. The faculty and tutor of the school accept the responsibility of helping the student to get exposure to different hospitals and different practical cases which contributes to the development of the student as a person.

College Campus

The campus of Mirza Institute of Nursing and Health Science with its extensive landscape garden is widely acknowledged as one of the most beautiful places in Kamrup Rural. The place is located 10 km from Guwahati Airport. 

The harmoniously combining building and open spaces. The institute pride itself on its facilities intermingle with the heritage-protected building and state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities, including, an advanced Laboratory with all modern types of equipment.


MINHS provides courses on:

  1. ANM (Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery)
  2. GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery)

Anti Ragging

Mirza Institute of Nursing & health science is a ragging-free campus. Number of anti-ragging measures are in place for strict compliance